Ø 矩形管管厚为6mm事情平台,高强度筋板,帮助笨重机动的支腿,使任何变乱车上、下利便。
  Ø 平台上更多的事情孔位,夹具牢固利便操纵。无事情盲区,底部改正无停滞,轻松完成了消弭变形应力掩护无毁伤部位。
  Ø 双拉塔可沿事情平台互助360度围绕旋转。共同的滚轮转动,使拉塔的挪动更安稳,更机动,对车体的拉、压、推、顶举行全方位操纵。
  Ø 通用车体牢固夹钳,颠末锻打,热处置工艺,强度高,利用寿命长,同时可恣意调解事情高度和角度。
  Ø 丰厚的钣金东西和附件,轻松完成汽车车身整形修复。
  Ø 液压泵依据国际维修情况量身定做,动力微弱,耐久耐用。
  Ø 环球同步的车体数据库材料,包管提供最新最快的车体数据。
  Features (rectangular tube tilt lifting platform): special for suv
  Ø 6mm thickness rectangular tube platform, high strength reinforcement plate and flexible leg make the platform loading and unloading easily.
  Ø There are more holes on the platform, more easy to fix the clamps, no working blind, make the bottom corrected without difficulties, eliminate the deformation and protect the scatheless parts.
  Ø Two hydraulic towers can be rotated 360 degree alongside the platform. Unique wheel rotation,makes the tower work steady and flexibility,for a full range of protection.
  Ø Universal clamps are forged and heat-treated, high strength and long life, fic the auto quickly and accurately, also the extension height and angle can be adjustable.
  Ø Various tools almost considered any deformation correction and repair.
  Ø Hydraulic system with good design has powerful driving force, long-life and low failure rate.
  Ø The global synchronization of database,ensure to provide the latest and fatest data.

次要技能参数  SPECIFICATION              S1L  S2L
事情台长度 Platform length 5200mm 5600mm
事情台宽度 Platform width 2120mm 2120mm
事情台高度 Platform height 520mm 520mm
拉塔最大推力 Post Max.tension 95KN 95KN
动强度源压力 Pneumatic pressure range 0.8Mpa 0.8Mpa
塔柱事情范畴 Post working range 360° 360°
最大承载 Max.lifting weight 3500Kg 3500Kg